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St Anselm's Catholic School

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July 2021

Implementing Bedrock

Began in just English, now in every subject across the curriculum. Look at words term by term in every subject department to identify keywords and concepts. Bedrock is mostly set as a homework task across every subject as a pre-learning tool to teach key vocabulary before the learners encounter them in a lesson.

Bedrock's impact

Bedrock gives learners a wider understanding and comprehension of not only the words but the topics and concepts as well. Learners are able to walk into lessons and tell their teachers which words they already know for that topic and lesson.

We use Bedrock now as a great pre-learning tool. The [subject specific] words are fantastic because the students know them before they enter the lesson.

Lucie Turner

History Teacher

Based in Canterbury, St. Anselm's is a secondary school that has embedded Bedrock Learning across every subject in their curriculum, to great success.

We recently visited St. Anselm's to learn more about how they use Bedrock in their day-to-day teaching, as part of their homework and Pupil Premium strategies, as well as how different subject leaders across the school have used Bedrock's subject-specific vocabulary, and data insights, to really empower their teaching.

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