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Meet your new trust-wide literacy solution

Discover a comprehensive and award-winning solution that will transform the literacy landscape across all schools in your trust. Bedrock's pedagogically researched approach brings consistency to literacy instruction, saving time and sharing best practice. Access high quality resources, meaningful insights and a complete literacy curriculum that is perfect for class or homework.

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We’re proud to be a trusted resource partner with dozens of Multi Academy Trusts across the UK, providing outstanding education resources into their classrooms, supporting their curriculum development and sharing trust-wide data insights.


Partnering with Bedrock across the Harris Federation

The literacy challenge in Multi-Academy Trusts

Each school within your Trust has its own unique identity, strengths, challenges, and pedagogical styles. This diversity, although a strength, can make implementing a trust-wide literacy solution even more complex. Here’s how Bedrock can help you address the challenges:

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    Every trust and every school is different

    Designed with flexibility at its core, Bedrock provides a solution that adjusts to the specific needs of each school within your Trust...

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    Measuring literacy improvement across multiple schools

    Our assessment and reporting tools provide you with deep, meaningful insights into how vocabulary, grammar and subject-specific vocabulary are improving at the trust, school, class and learner level.

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    Keeping learner data secure

    Bedrock offers a safe and secure way to implement a unified literacy solution and to assess data across all of your schools. We have partnered with Wonde to allow seamless connection of your school's MIS with no manual updates or spreadsheets needed...

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    Supporting teachers and saving them time

    Bedrock is designed by teachers, for teachers. Our research-based curriculum and learning sequence equips learners with the language and literacy they need, whilst making teachers lives easier...

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    Implementing a new solution across multiple schools 

    Bedrock is easy to launch and easy to manage. We shoulder the heavy lifting, handling the technical aspects of setup and ongoing management...

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    Ensure consistent teaching across schools

    Bedrock’s unified platform enables a consistent and coherent approach to whole school literacy improvement across all schools and provides leadership with insights into strength and areas for growth in every school...

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    Motivating schools and learners to engage

    Bedrock can create bespoke competitions for schools within your trust to encourage uptake and consistent implementation...

Bedrock's award-winning curriculum...

Language and literacy are the bedrock of all learning. Bedrock's online literacy curriculum was created by teachers and encompasses Tier 2 and subject-specific Tier 3 vocabulary, grammar, and GCSE content. The Bedrock curriculum offers schools a complete literacy solution and equips learners with the knowledge needed to improve their educational outcomes.

Create a language rich environment across schools

Fostering a language-rich environment across all subjects, within all schools in your Trust. Our subject-specific, tier 3 vocabulary curricula are already sequenced, so there's no need for lesson planning, even if you choose to create your own bespoke curriculum of language. These rich, ambitious curriculum resources enhance students' understanding and use of complex, subject-specific vocabulary, vital for academic success.


Dedicated CPD workshops across your schools

We understand the power of CPD in enhancing teaching quality and student outcomes. Access workshops that focus on leveraging the full potential of our platform, exploring new strategies for literacy instruction, and sharing best practices for engaging learners, all included in your subscription. Nurture the skills and knowledge of the educators in your Trust, equipping them with the most effective tools and strategies to drive student success in literacy.


Bedrock within the Harris Federation

Everyone at Bedrock is always so incredibly helpful, so thank you so very much – having so many academies all with different needs and competencies is a challenge but you certainly make that more manageable.

Harris Federation, London

Director of Literacy

Subscription Options

The right solution for your trust

Implementing one consistent literacy solution across all of your schools couldn't be easier. Bedrock's personalised and adaptive approach goes beyond our teaching. Each school within your trust is different, so subscription tiers can be mixed by school, and even by year group to find the best solution.

Book a conversation with one of our team to discuss the best option for your trust.