50 vouchers

Every half term, 50 Bedrock stars who have earned 20+ points a week are in the running to win a £10 voucher.

Our prize draw is completely random, so every learner who hits their Bedrock targets is in with a chance to win.

2 Chromebooks

Two lucky learners each half term will win a Google Chromebook each!

Every time a learner hits 20 points per week in the timeframe, they are in with a chance to win one of these amazing prizes.

Learner working at a Chromebook

The current prize draw

A Bedrock Stars prize draw is currently running!

Learners, earn 120 Bedrock points between the dates of 18th April and 28th May to be in with a chance to win one of our amazing prizes.

Chromebook laptop

Social media shoutout

When schools post their Bedrock stars on social media, we try our best to shout out every single one. We love sharing learners who are making progress with their literacy.

If you'd like your Bedrock winners to be celebrated on our Twitter, tag us in your post @Bedr0ckLearning.

Bedrock Learning twitter page

Consistent motivation

We run this Bedrock Stars prize draw every half term, and always set the target to the number of Bedrock points optimal for literacy progress.

This gives learners a consistent source of motivation to do their homework, levelling up their literacy improvement.

Two students reading together at school

Motivate your learners, effortlessly

Two students heading to class