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Sept 2022

Why Bedrock?

Being aware of the high levels of literacy deprivation in their area, the Acklam Grange team realised that vocabulary acquisition needed to be central to their strategy of improving literacy levels. After a lot of research into potential partners, they chose Bedrock Learning in September 2022, beginning with their Year 7 and 8 learners.

Implementation strategy

Bedrock was initially rolled out as a homework tool, with learners targeted to achieve a weekly goal of 20 points per week. In addition, Bedrock is also used for one lesson per fortnight in the school's Learning Resource Centre, with guided support from staff. Bedrock is also closely woven into the school's reward system to build intrinsic motivation.

The wonderful thing about Bedrock is that it is assessing the students at their own pace, with all the words that they need to know, so it's quite easy for a teacher.

Stephanie Coyle

Asst. Whole School Literacy at Acklam Grange

Acklam Grange secondary school, located in Middlesborough, has been using Bedrock Learning to implement a whole school literacy solution across all subjects in the school. A cross-curricular approach to literacy has been key to their success.

The team at Ackram Grange have launched a "Bedrock rota" with learners having one lesson per subject each six weeks swapped out for a targeted session with Bedrock to dive into the Tier 3 vocabularly needed for success across that subject.

For me, it's seeing [the students'] increased reading ability and not seeing those barriers go up straight away. It just means their day to day life, in lessons, is now a lot more positive for them.

Deborah Crawford

Head of English at Acklam Grange

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