Bedrock Learning explicitly teaches English vocabulary and grammar, crucial for understanding and self-expression in every subject across the curriculum. Designed by teachers, it supports the unique challenges of the international classroom.

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In many international schools, we know that students are often learning English as well as learning in English. This presents a unique challenge for teachers. We also understand that in each international classroom, there is a wide range of learners with different needs and experiences: a personalised solution that supports and challenges each learner individually is crucial.

Here’s how Bedrock can help you address those challenges:

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    In line with all IB and IGCSE programmes, we understand that language is central to the development of critical thinking and learning. Bedrock’s vocabulary and grammar curricula lay the foundations of literacy, enabling learners to engage critically with curriculum content and express their own ideas.

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    Bedrock Learning is a comprehensive, interactive digital literacy curriculum, perfect for preparing learners for IGCSEs. It breaks down academic vocabulary and complex grammatical knowledge into easy-to-digest, engaging lessons, perfect for second language learners.

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    All teaching is contextualised in rich, authentic, original fiction and non-fiction so you can be sure your learners are regularly reading a wide range of quality texts. Our stories and non-fiction texts are international in setting and content; perfect for your global young citizens!

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    All Bedrock content is audio-narrated by native speakers, so learners hear accurate pronunciation of new language.

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    All content is assessed, giving teachers the insights they need to track this crucial area of teaching and learning. Our assessment and reporting tools provide you with deep, meaningful insights into how vocabulary, grammar and subject-specific vocabulary are improving at the school, class and learner level.

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    The parent dashboard gives parents and guardians the ability to monitor their children’s progress and engagement.

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We do all of the heavy lifting for you so that your students can begin their literacy improvement journey within a few hours. If you’re a Google classroom or Microsoft Office 365 school, you don’t even need to issue login credentials. Once you’re up and running, there is no need to update your class lists or assign learning content - everything is done for you.

“The service from Bedrock is exceptional. I’ve never had this kind of service from any other educational platform or provider. We really are very impressed by the level of support we have recieved.”

We know every school is unique, so Bedrock is designed to fit around you and your learners. It can be accessed through any device, from phones to games consoles to library PCs! Some of our partner schools use it for homework, some for classwork and some for a mixture of the two; your dedicated account manager will help you figure out what works best for you.

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