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Bedrock Vocabulary is a digital vocabulary curriculum that teaches thousands of tier 2 words, root words and academic verbs. All new language is embedded in original stories and non-fiction texts so your students are regularly reading high quality English language texts as well. We teach thousands of students from all over the globe and our topics reflect the diversity of our learners.

Bedrock has been designed to develop your students’ language skills, enabling them to meet the language demands of the curriculum but also to develop their English vocabulary for life beyond the school gates.

We know that in an international setting, it’s likely that you teach students with a wide range of knowledge and confidence when it comes to the English language, that’s why their Bedrock Learning journey is personal. Students access Bedrock independently and the words and prose each student studies will be appropriately challenging for the individual.

Bedrock Vocabulary is a self-marking classroom and homework solution that delivers assessment data right into your inbox. We provide teachers with invaluable data to track the vocabulary learning of each student and also immediately identify trends within the whole school cohort. Parents can also access our data dashboard, enabling your school to demonstrate progress and engage parents in the language learning of their child.

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If you want to ensure your students are growing their academic English vocabulary, request a demo today and one of our curriculum consultants will be in touch to explain how Bedrock can help in your school or request to start a trial.

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Are you interested in Bedrock Learning and looking to try it before signing up? We offer free trials for 30 days so you can see if this is the right tool for your school. During your trial period, one class and two teachers will have unlimited access to our online vocabulary curriculum.

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whilst immersing them in academic vocabulary.

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