Literacy at home

Improve literacy at home

Bedrock Learning is a digital literacy improvement curriculum designed for learners aged 6 to 16, perfect for study at home.

By focusing on vocabulary, grammar and subject-specific terminology, Bedrock equips learners with the language and literacy knowledge they need to boost their educational outcomes.

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    Bedrock Learning gives you crucial data and an invaluable insight into the progress your children are making with their vocabulary and grammar learning.

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    Our platform can be used by learners of varying abilities and needs, including students for whom English is an additional language and those with special educational needs.

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    All the learning content is audio-narrated, enabling access and improving engagement.

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    We know home educators can have very busy timetables. Optimum progress is achieved with just two 20-minute lessons a week, making it easy to schedule into your day.

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    All learning is assessed on Bedrock - whether through the engaging, interactive learning sequence or through the low-stakes end of unit assessments.

Each learner has their own online account. Learners’ progress is enhanced by parental involvement, so parents also have access to their learner's dashboard to monitor their knowledge.

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