How we use Bedrock Learning at Coston Primary

Coston Primary School

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Some of the challenges we've had with literacy at our school are that we've had lots of children coming in from other countries with English as an additional language. That is a big challenge and Bedrock has really been helping.

Chris Bellis

Deputy Head at Coston Primary

Coston Primary School have been partnered with Bedrock for over two years. Their results have significantly improved during that time, including SATs levels. We recently visited the school to see how their teaching team are using Bedrock in and out of the classroom to empower their literacy strategies.

Every month we give out certificates to the classes and to individual students...and their names are recorded in our newsletter so it's all very very exciting.

Lynn Porter

Class 4 Teacher at Coston Primary

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Language and literacy are the bedrock of all learning. The Bedrock curriculum offers schools a complete literacy solution and equips learners with the knowledge needed to improve their educational outcomes.

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