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Bedrock's GCSE English content provides curriculum schemes specifically designed to support English Literature and English Language study at GCSE level. Perfect for early introduction at Year 9 and onwards to Year 11 and beyond.

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Every term and technique is exemplified in the context of literary poetry and prose, and learners are taught about effect and reader interpretation. From the basics, such as making sure that all learners know what a proper noun is, to analysing how writers use more advanced techniques like sibilance and soliloquy to convey meaning, GCSE English Terms and Analysis covers it all.

A powerful resource for Key Stage 4 and beyond.
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Bedrock's GCSE English Terms and Analysis curriculum is a broad, detailed and challenging scheme of learning. It introduces learners to the crucial linguistic and literary terminology they need to analyse successfully in English, such as onomatopoeia, alliteration, juxtaposition and anthropomorphism.

Features built for impact

Learning in context

Each new term is taught in the context of literary prose or poetry. This could be an excerpt from Aesop’s fables, a paragraph from Dickens, or a verse of Wordsworth’s poetry - great practice for the unseen element of English Literature GCSE/Scottish Nat5s.

Step-by-step guide to excellent analysis

The learning sequence is designed to build learners’ skills gradually throughout each lesson, culminating in free-form analytical writing. Scaffolded analysis activities encourage learners to evaluate how language, structure and form impact meaning.

Modelled responses

Modelled responses give your learners clear examples of what quality literary analysis looks like, and the learning sequence gives them the framework and a safe space to practise their analytical writing.


All Bedrock resources are designed by qualified, experienced English teachers and as English teachers, we know how long it takes to source the perfect literary example of enjambment in action, or an interesting example of juxtaposition. GCSE English Terms and Analysis has done this hard work for you, providing literary examples of all key terms.

Perfect for revision

All your students’ learning is transferred to their knowledge organiser, centralising all their notes and analysis for revision when exam season comes around.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: English Literature GCSE

Bedrock’s Jekyll and Hyde scheme of learning is specially designed to support learners through a detailed study of Robert Louis Stevenson’s renowned 1886 novella. Jekyll & Hyde gives learners instant feedback, and provides teachers with the data they need to track students’ progress.

Not studying Jekyll and Hyde? Content for all major GCSE texts is included within Bedrock's Tier 3 vocabulary resources.


Literary poetry and prose

Bedrock’s GCSE English in action

Everyone at Bedrock is always so incredibly helpful, so thank you so very much – having so many academies all with different needs and competencies is a challenge but you certainly make that more manageable.

Harris Federation, London

Director of Literacy