GCSE English Curriculum

Bedrock GCSE English

Bedrock GCSE English provides curriculum schemes specially designed to support English Literature and English Language study at GCSE level, from Years 9-11.

GCSE English Terms and Analysis is a broad, detailed and challenging scheme of learning. It teaches learners the crucial linguistic and literary terminology they need to analyse successfully in English, such as onomatopoeia, alliteration, juxtaposition and anthropomorphism.

Every term and technique is exemplified in the context of literary poetry and prose, and learners are taught about effect and reader interpretation. From the basics, such as making sure that all learners know what a proper noun is, to analysing how writers use more advanced techniques like sibilance and soliloquy to convey meaning, GCSE English Terms and Analysis covers it all.

Bedrock’s Jekyll and Hyde scheme of learning is specially designed to support learners through a detailed study of Robert Louis Stevenson’s renowned 1886 novella. Jekyll & Hyde gives learners instant feedback, and provides teachers with the data they need to track students’ progress.

Jekyll and Hyde custom artwork for GCSE English


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