Demonstrating attainment & achievement

The Bedrock Impact

Improve your whole-school literacy strategy with Bedrock's multi award-winning platform; designed by teachers for teachers. Clear and impactful insights into progress at an individual learner, class, year group or school level.

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Build a language-rich community

Research shows that higher levels of vocabulary directly correlate to higher levels of reading and writing. Bedrock’s explicit vocabulary and grammar instruction increases attainment in reading and writing, setting your learners up for success in their SATs, though their secondary years to GCSE and beyond. With Bedrock, you will see a correlation between your learners' activity in Bedrock and their improvements across reading and writing.

The Bedrock Impact


Harris Academies

"As a Literacy Lead overseeing 32 secondary schools, it's a massive challenge. Bedrock gives me the data and reporting insights to maximise our literacy vision within each of those schools."

Senior Director, Harris Academies

Demonstrating Bedrock's impact with data


Dashboards provide data in granular detail

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See the words each student is learning that week, or the area of grammar that a learner is struggling with.


Data to create an aspirational, language-rich school

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Access a range of reports brimming with vital data. These reports inform the language you might like to revisit in class.


Visualise the extent and impact of subject-specific vocabulary teaching and learning in your school

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Mapper’s single and multi-subject reports clearly show which individuals have learned which words, informing classroom practice and interventions.


Promotes cross-curricular transparency through Bedrock Mapper

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Teachers and learners can clearly see cross curriculum links and progression between different phases, years or key stages.

Bedrock's impact in the classroom


Satisfy the EEF Recommendation to improve Literacy

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Mapper quickly and easily allows teachers in every subject to provide explicit vocabulary instruction to help students access and use academic language in every topic and subject.


Topics are matched to the National Curriculum

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Our topics line up with the stage at which learners will likely encounter them in class. We explore the Vikings in Block 4 and the Solar System in Block 5, lining up with when they are explored at Key Stage 2.


Explicitly teach literacy knowledge that is crucial for success

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We teach the most commonly occurring academic verbs, root words, text types and grammar that learners need to write with accuracy across the curriculum.


Teach essential elements of language comprehension directly

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Proven to have a statistically significant impact on learners’ vocabulary, Bedrock improves elements of language and grammar that are crucial to reading comprehension and communication.

Bedrock's impact for your learners


Learners can progress at their own pace

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The language, concepts and topics that learners study get progressively more challenging, decided by previous performance, to ensure continual development for learners.


Revisit prior knowledge and progressively build upon it

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Bedrock’s reteaching algorithm ensures newly acquired knowledge is re-served to each learner, encouraging retrieval practice which is a crucial step in long term retention.


Learners can map the language they need across every subject

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Mapper highlights where words appear in multiple subjects and how meaning is different in certain disciplines. For instance, ‘evaluate’ has a slightly different focus in Art, compared to in Maths.


Learners will read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts

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The first stage of every lesson on Bedrock Vocabulary begins with an aspirational and challenging piece of reading. Human Narration helps to engage and support weaker readers.

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