Grammar Curriculum

Improving literacy through grammar

We know that a firm grasp of grammar is a bedrock of literacy; it is crucial to your learners becoming expert readers and communicators. But let’s face it, teaching grammar can be tricky. Bedrock Grammar makes learning fun and teaching effortless.

Bedrock Grammar immerses learners in engaging learning experiences, using stories, video, interactive activities and scaffolded writing opportunities. Everything is taught through original fiction and non-fiction. No decontextualised grammar learning here!

The Bedrock Grammar holistic assessment with colour-coded data

A graphic of a grammar activity

A graphic of how Bedrock Grammar teaches subordinate clauses.

Graphic showing the learner's knowledge organiser dashboard

Designing and resourcing a well-sequenced grammar curriculum takes time. Delivering personalised grammar teaching in an engaging way can also be a challenge. Bedrock’s innovative and engaging grammar curriculum is designed to solve this issue. It teaches a deep understanding of language and how it works. It helps learners understand the effect of different grammatical choices and it improves written accuracy and fluency.

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