Doubling national literacy progress at St Mary’s CEVA Primary School



St. Mary's CEVA Primary School

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Why Bedrock?

St Mary’s CEVA Primary School has been working with Bedrock for a number of years through regular classroom and home learning. This school has chosen to deeply embed Bedrock in their literacy strategy thanks to its personalised approach that allows every learner to progress at their own pace which is really important for a school with a high EAL population such as St Mary’s.

Bedrock's impact

St Mary’s CEVA Primary School has found that Bedrock is particularly helpful for EAL learners thanks to its personalised approach and teaching vocabulary in context. Teachers have seen the impact of Bedrock throughout learners' writing, spelling and grammar and learners can see their own progress throughout topics, boosting their motivation and confidence.

[Bedrock] is an excellent programme which has made a real difference to our progress measures. I can’t think of a programme that can support children in their vocabulary building better than Bedrock.

Diane Wright

Headteacher at St Mary's Primary School

St Mary’s CEVA Primary School, located in Kettering, has been using Bedrock Learning to support their progress in improving literacy outcomes, which is almost double that of similar schools nationwide. Bedrock is a regular part of classroom and home learning for their learners.

Teachers at St. Mary’s have seen that their learners with English as an additional language have found particular success developing their vocabulary on Bedrock. Parents of students at St. Mary’s are also on board, sharing that Bedrock supports their children to become confident, independent learners.

In this video we hear from teachers, parents and students at St. Mary’s CEVA Primary School explaining how their effective use of Bedrock is driving their exceptional results.

I honestly believe Bedrock is an extraordinary tool.

Mrs Popa

Bedrock parent and Class Teacher at St Mary's Primary School

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