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By harnessing the power of technology we give every learner equal opportunity to thrive.

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Designed by teachers for primary and secondary students of all abilities, Bedrock's award-winning curriculum helps schools and parents transform learning and literacy. Bedrock equips learners with the knowledge needed to improve their educational outcomes.

Features built for impact

A path to mastery

Our interactive curriculum encourages independence with literacy concepts and helps them to apply in other contexts.

Measure impact

Live parent and teacher dashboards reveal the progress and engagement of learners.

Adaptive and personalised learning

Our tech ensures that learning is just right for every individual and guarantees long-term retention.

Original fiction and non-fiction

Introducing learners to a wide range of engaging texts to increase cultural capital.

Human narration

All content and feedback is read aloud to learners by our team of actors.

Time-saving for teachers

Automatically set and mark learning, saving you time.

Bedrock for Primary

Bedrock Learning is also a complete literacy solution for primary schools. Created by teachers to transform the literacy curriculum, Bedrock helps primary learners improve their reading comprehension and written outcomes and supports every child in becoming an effective, clear communicator.

From Key Stage 1, through SATs and beyond, Bedrock offers an award-winning and powerful platform to help learners interpret, react, articulate and express their thoughts.

Grace Grammar

These are our core beliefs. We call them the Big 3.


We believe language is the bedrock of all learning.


We are committed to making the lives of teachers and school leaders easier.


It is our obligation and shared responsibility to demonstrate impact.

Don't just take our word for it...


Bedrock in action at Taverham High School

"Overall, we are seeing that reading comprehension across our Key Stage 3 learners has improved by 20%."

Dale Timbers, Literacy Lead at Taverham High School

Transforming communication and comprehension in every subject across the curriculum


Bedrock Learning is a complete literacy improvement solution, encompassing Tier 2 & Tier 3 vocabulary, grammar, disciplinary literacy, GCSE & IGCSE English and even International Baccalaureate content.

Bedrock is the winner of several international education awards. We are also proud to partner with the following organisations...

The Edtech Awards Cool Tool Finalist 2022
ERA finalist
Educate: Education, research, edtech
Bett Finalist 2022
BESA: British Educational Suppliers Association