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By harnessing the power of tech, we give every learner an equal opportunity to thrive

Topics in Block 5 and 6 of Bedrock Vocabulary

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A platform built with a deep understanding of what works for learners and teachers

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Transforming the way vocabulary instruction is regarded and delivered across the curriculum

The Bedrock Learning overview for Bedrock Vocabulary and Bedrock Grammar

Designed for primary and secondary students of all abilities, Bedrock Learning is helping schools and parents to transform learning and literacy, equipping all learners with the knowledge they need to improve their educational outcomes.

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Why we exist

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To transform learning and literacy

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To improve outcomes with impactful, innovative EdTech

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To empower learners, teachers and parents

Bedrock Learning enables learners to become effective, clear communicators. It’s more than just being able to read, write and spell. It is about students being able to interpret, react, articulate and express their thoughts.

Our knowledge rich curricula teach grammar, Tier 2 vocabulary, Tier 3 vocabulary and morphology through engaging fiction and non-fiction prose, encouraging reading and increasing cultural capital.

Learners can study separately from you, boosting their confidence and supporting their independence. This makes Bedrock Learning perfect to be set as classwork or homework, supporting learning in schools and at home.

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