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empowering voices

Get students reading more
whilst immersing them in academic vocabulary

Bedrock Learning

Language is the foundation of all learning: the Bedrock

Bedrock Vocabulary has a simple mission: to narrow the word gap that exists between different groups of students and improve outcomes across the curriculum for all students.

Bedrock’s extensive vocabulary curriculum delivers excellent progress for students; our data dashboard enables staff and leadership to meticulously track language learning but more than that, it offers a shift in culture for schools too. In Bedrock schools, students are word aware and have the tools to improve their vocabulary, teachers feel confident that they are addressing the word gap and the whole school becomes a place where language really matters.

Teaches Tier 2 vocabulary

Innovative, research-based vocabulary curriculum teaches Tier 2 vocabulary

Encourages reading

Engaging fiction and non-fiction prose introduces words in context, encouraging reading and increasing cultural capital

Adapts to the student

Powerful, intelligent algorithms personalise the way language is taught and reinforced for each student

Data driven

Self-marking activities generate data in real time to track student and class learning

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