Take the work out of homework

Bedrock's self-marking homework tool puts the balance back into teaching.

Our instant, human-narrated feedback gives learners consistent, independent guidance on their work, saving you hours of time.


Literacy improvement for every home

The amount of ambitious vocabulary a student knows is largely defined by the language used at home - but that doesn't mean there's nothing teachers can do to close the language gap.

Bedrock Learning's self-marking homework brings literacy knowledge to the home without any need for supervision, empowering learners to learn through literacy independently.


Create self-motivated learners

Whether it's praise or additional support a learner needs, Bedrock Learning’s instant verbal feedback boosts confidence and consolidates students' learning.

Learners no longer have to wait to have their knowledge reinforced - human-narrated feedback is given the second it's needed for learners to succeed.


Personalised, human-narrated guidance

Before moving on to future questions, Bedrock offers learners bespoke feedback for each activity, reinforcing their mastery of new literacy skills. Rather than determining learners' progress through high-stakes testing, Bedrock’s self-marking homework encourages learners to try and try again, developing their literacy skills through repeated exposure.


Consistent, accurate grammar feedback

How many people can say they have perfect grammar? With our self-marking algorithm, inaccuracy while marking homework is no longer a worry.

Bedrock Learning’s self-marking homework algorithm knows the answers and marks grammar homework for you, providing learners with consistent feedback every single time through the power of our EdTech.


A literacy homework solution that reduces workload

When you set Bedrock Learning as a homework task, you can be confident that learners are developing literacy skills they need throughout their whole lives - and you won't even have any marking due for the next day!