Bedrock Reading Test | Now Available!

Test with confidence. Teach with insight.

Make a transformative impact on your learners' outcomes with Bedrock’s next-generation reading test, all for just £2 per test.

Imagine being able to schedule reading tests for your entire school in just a few minutes.

Imagine no more! Bedrock Learning’s reading test, developed in consultation with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, is a standardised, digital assessment designed to streamline your testing process, saving you time whilst giving you reliable data. No access codes, no special logins, no admin headaches.

Test with confidence. Teach with insight.


Schedule a test in a couple of clicks

Every part of our reading test has been designed with simplicity in mind. Any teacher can easily schedule tests and track as they are completed, helping to ensure your testing process is flexible, efficient and headache-free.


Flexible, really flexible

Life in school can be unpredictable, so we've built flexible admin to help. Need to pause a test? You can. Need to reschedule, restart or even void a test? You can. Navigate interruptions with confidence, knowing your data remains accurate and reliable.


Insightful data, instantly

Having to wait for data is a headache and a delay to understanding your learners' progress. With Bedrock, data is available as soon as a test completes. Make informed decisions from a range of metrics including Reading Age, Standardised Age Score, subskill reporting and more...


Protect your budget

To help you keep control of your budget and avoid waste, test tokens can be assigned to any learner. What's more, you can even reuse the tokens from void or rescheduled tests.


Mirror the classroom experience

Reducing test anxiety is important for many learners. With Bedrock, they will encounter a wide variety of text and question types, all aligned to the curriculum, providing you with a holistic view of their reading abilities and a comprehensive range of subskills - all within the familiar Bedrock setting.


Accessible for all

Some learners may need extra time, others may struggle with attention. Bedrock can support you with multiple accessibility features, flexible test durations and the ability to restart a test if needed.

Created with the University of Cambridge

At Bedrock, our mission is to equip educators and learners with a comprehensive literacy solution. Assessing reading is a key piece of that puzzle. So we spent over a year working with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and leading experts in assessment to create an innovative new one.

Watch the video to see how Bedrock's reading test has been developed.

Created by experts in reading and assessment

The ultimate goal of reading is for comprehension, so that we can read for enjoyment and to learn. Reading comprehension needs will present a barrier to learning so it is crucial that we use robust assessment approaches that allow us to identify reading comprehension needs.

Jessie Ricketts

Professor, Royal Holloway University of London, Reading & Language Development

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