Meet Bedrock's Reading Test

Quickly and accurately measure reading ability in your school whilst also looking after your budget.

A rigorous, standardised and cost-effective reading test, providing all the insight you need to improve outcomes in your school or trust.

Bedrock Learning's Reading Test offers an enhanced learner experience featuring engaging texts and questions to ensure an accurate reflection of your learners’ ability. Flexible features allow you to navigate interruptions safe in the knowledge your data remains accurate.

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Test with confidence. Teach with insight.


A more accurate and comprehensive assessment

With a variety of question types which increases learner engagement, strategically designed to test specific subskills.


A holistic assessment of reading skills

A holistic assessment is gained through a selection of text types, including poetry, classic literature, biographies and articles, aligned with age-related national curriculum expectations.


Set up tests for your whole school in just a few minutes

Save time on testing set up and reduce the number of staff needed to facilitate tests.


Navigate interruptions and save money

Navigate interruptions, minimise token wastage and save money with our host of flexible features which allow you to pause & play, reschedule or void a test without incurring additional costs.


Developed with Professors Jessie Ricketts and Kate Nation

Developed in collaboration with Professors Jessie Ricketts, Kate Nation and the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre. Our test is fully adaptive and standardised on over 11,283 pupils with national benchmarks and reporting across a range of metrics including subskill, Reading Age and Standard Age Score.

Created with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre

At Bedrock, our mission is to equip educators and learners with a comprehensive literacy solution. Assessing reading is a key piece of that puzzle. So we spent over a year working with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and leading experts in assessment to create an innovative new one.

Watch the video to see how Bedrock's reading test has been developed.

Created by experts in reading and assessment

The ultimate goal of reading is for comprehension, so that we can read for enjoyment and to learn. Reading comprehension needs will present a barrier to learning so it is crucial that we use robust assessment approaches that allow us to identify reading comprehension needs.

Jessie Ricketts

Professor, Royal Holloway University of London, Reading & Language Development

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