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Literacy instruction and Bedrock Learning - Olivia Sumpter

By Olivia Sumpter

15 Dec 2022

Bedrock Learning's Olivia Sumpter discussing vocabulary gaps.

“[Language strength] has an impact on chances beyond the classroom … and schools need to take proactive control of that.” - Olivia Sumpter

86 to 93% of a child’s vocabulary is also found in that of their parents. Learners who do not come from vocabulary-rich backgrounds fall behind their classmates by an average of 18 months by age 16 - and counteracting this takes time many teachers do not have.

Digital literacy curricula have the potential to close the gap. Bedrock’s Director of Education, Olivia Sumpter, discusses the barriers to effective vocabulary instruction that schools face and the strategies Bedrock is using to break them down.

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