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Disciplinary literacy at Bedrock Learning - Ellie Ashton

By Ellie Ashton

15 Dec 2022

Bedrock Learning's Ellie Ashton discussing disciplinary literacy

“Disciplinary literacy enables learners to be subject experts.” - Ellie Ashton

Studies show that when learners are taught subject-specific vocabulary alongside their learning, their content knowledge deepens with it; this boosts learners’ reading, writing and overall comprehension in every subject.

Bedrock Mapper is not just a Tier 3 vocabulary tool. It prepares learners to think, read and write like subject experts - to view literacy as the language of learning.

At the Schools and Academies Show in Birmingham, Senior English Specialist Ellie Ashton discusses ways teachers can use Bedrock Mapper to support literacy across the curriculum, making it quick and easy to harness the benefits of subject-specific vocabulary teaching.

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