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Exploring Bedrock Learning’s mission…

By The Bedrock Team

15 Dec 2022

Aaron Leary and Olivia Sumpter discussing Bedrock Learning's mission

“We’re really only at the start of our journey.” - Aaron Leary, Bedrock Learning’s founder.

Seven years ago, Bedrock Learning began with a vocabulary curriculum. Now, Bedrock offers over 30,000 subject-specific words, two grammar curricula, and a vocabulary and reading curriculum teachers worldwide know and love.

From increasing learners’ cultural capital to narrowing language gaps in the classroom, Bedrock’s mission is to empower learners and support teachers.

We caught up with three of the minds behind Bedrock Learning’s literacy curriculum at the recent Schools and Academies Show to discover how Bedrock is empowering literacy education and closing word gaps in the classroom.

  • Hear from the founder, Aaron Leary, on literacy data
  • Hear from the Director of Education, Olivia Sumpter, on literacy instruction
  • Hear from the Senior English Specialist, Ellie Ashton, on disciplinary literacy
  • Using Bedrock Learning at Dial Park Primary School

The UK's #1 literacy solution

Explicit teaching of vocabulary, grammar, disciplinary literacy and GCSE English to raise outcomes