The power of literacy data - Aaron Leary

By Aaron Leary

15 Dec 2022

Bedrock Learning's founder Aaron Leary discussing literacy data

“The definition of literacy is too narrow. Our goal is to broaden what literacy means.” - Aaron Leary

For a skill as broad and complex as literacy, data must be deep and granular - and with the only solid data points being KS2 SATs results and GCSEs how can teachers fully understand the literacy level of each learner as they progress through education?

At the Schools and Academies Show in Birmingham, Bedrock founder and CEO Aaron Leary discusses the fragmented data that comes with assessing literacy, as well as how a complete literacy solution has the power to inform teaching in the years to come.

  • Hear from the Director of Education, Olivia Sumpter, on literacy instruction
  • Hear from the Senior English Specialist, Ellie Ashton, on disciplinary literacy
  • Highlights from the Schools and Academies Show 2022
  • Using Bedrock Learning at Dial Park Primary School

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