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Why Bedrock?

“If a child can’t read, they’re at a disadvantage from the very beginning because reading is everywhere” - Lynn Porter. Literacy is an important focus for Coston Primary and they wanted an online program that would engage their learners and focus on improving vocabulary for all, especially supporting their high number of EAL learners with low English levels.

Bedrock's impact

All teachers in the school have been able to see the impact that Bedrock has on their learner reading ability and this is reflected in their reading assessment results. Year 6 teachers have found that Bedrock has had a real impact on improving learners' SATs results and confidence going into their SATs.

If a child can't read, they are at a disadvantage right from the very beginning because reading is everywhere, across the entire curriculum.

Lynn Porter

Year 4 Class Teacher at Coston Primary School

The teaching team at Coston were looking for a powerful literacy resource to support their reading and vocabulary goals. We spoke to teachers and staff at the school to hear why they have chosen to be partners with Bedrock Learning for the past three years and the impact Bedrock is having on their learners' outcomes.

Bedrock has been really good for the teachers. It is not time consuming...which has really benefited their mental health and wellbeing.

Chris Bellis

Deputy Head at Coston Primary School

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