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Academy size

52 schools

Bedrock partners with

32 schools (all secondaries)

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Bedrock partner since

June 2019

Reporting across 32 schools

A huge benefit of Bedrock for the Federation Literacy Lead, Charlotte Evans, is the way that data and reports are shared across the federation, with monthly usage data for all academies being sent to Charlotte to give her a holistic view of the whole Federation every month.

Sharing best practice

Monthly league tables for usage and progress across the federation means that those schools who are doing particularly well can then share their knowledge and best practices with schools who aren’t performing quite as well.

As a Literacy Lead overseeing 32 secondary schools, it's a massive challenge. Bedrock Learning certainly gives me the insights and the possibility of penetrating the literacy vision within each of those schools.

Charlotte Evans

Literacy Lead at Harris Federation

How Bedrock’s data and reporting has shaped success across the federation

The ability to demonstrate the impact that Bedrock Learning has across all schools was a major deciding factor in implementing Bedrock across the Harris Federation. With our platform now being fully integrated into all 32 Harris Federation secondary academies, the way that data and reports are shared with the Literacy Lead at the federation level has been instrumental in continually demonstrating this impact in a meaningful way.

Class teachers are able to assess data at an individual learner and class level, utilising the student engagement and progress reports to identify learners who deserve celebration, or those who need extra support. Monthly reporting at the Federation level allows leaders to quickly identify when particular academies are performing well, or when their performance has dropped off. This gives Harris' SLT the opportunity to immediately act on the data, addressing issues or celebrating best practice and sharing it with other academies within the federation.

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