How Bedrock Mapper™ improves Tier 3 vocabulary and disciplinary literacy

Empowering schools to create a bespoke, subject-specific approach to teaching vocabulary

Bedrock Mapper is a time-saving solution for teachers across secondary schools, enabling them to consistently teach and assess their own Tier 3 vocabulary curriculum. It supports your school in following the Education Endowment Foundation guidance on targeted teaching of disciplinary literacy across the curriculum.

Here we look at how it works, how teachers can use it and how to get started.

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What is Bedrock Mapper?

Bedrock Mapper is a new, time-saving solution that enables you to consistently teach, assess and revise Tier 3 vocabulary across all subjects. Mapper is a natural evolution from the established Bedrock Vocabulary curriculum that we’ve created in response to demand from our school community, and developed with them.

It brings Tier 3 (subject specific) disciplinary literacy to the fore using Bedrock’s deep-learning algorithm, reassuring teachers across the curriculum that their students have understood and retained crucial subject vocabulary.

How do teachers use Mapper?

How do teachers use Mapper?

It’s easy for teachers across your school to create, teach and assess their own bespoke Mapper curriculum:

Select the terms you’d like to teach your students – this can be your entire vocabulary curriculum, grouped into topics (i.e. motion, friction, gravity and force under ‘energy and forces’) and sorted by year groups or individual classes, or simply ad hoc words
Load these words into Mapper – you can create your own definitions and content, or save time by tapping into teaching and assessment resources already created by the Bedrock teaching community
Using their Bedrock account, students learn this new vocabulary by completing quizzes and multimodal activities familiar to them from Bedrock Vocabulary. Spaced learning prevents cognitive overload and our algorithm ensures long-term retention of new terms. Learning can be done as classwork, homework or both
View assessment data at an individual and cohort level, reviewing word trends and planning lessons accordingly.

As with all Bedrock Learning products, your school’s dedicated account manager will provide you with setup training and ongoing support to ensure that you and your teachers get the most out of Bedrock.

How can Bedrock Mapper help my school?

The importance of discrete subject-specific Tier 3 vocabulary teaching is emphasised in the Education Endowment Foundation’s recent guide on improving literacy in secondary schools. It advises that schools should be “prioritising ‘disciplinary literacy’ across the curriculum” and that teachers should “provide targeted vocabulary instruction in every subject”.

Mapper makes this easy, engaging teachers with an intelligent and nuanced approach to whole-school literacy and enabling them to take ownership of their Tier 3 vocabulary teaching. It enables your school to create a broad, deep, curriculum that deepens students’ subject knowledge, empowers their voices and helps narrow the word gap.

How can I get started with Mapper?

Mapper is available as a single whole-school licence with no cap on how many teachers and students can benefit. To find out more or place an order, call us on 0203 325 9345, email or submit the form below.

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