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Bedrock has achieved great results in schools across the world, and you can enjoy our learning at home, too. Whether you’re a tutor, a homeschooler or simply a parent wanting to boost your child’s prospects, we can support your child’s learning.

If you are the parent of a child who already uses Bedrock at school, find out how to create your free parent account to better support your child’s learning.

We offer two main streams of literacy and vocabulary products:

1 Our core nine-year Bedrock Vocabulary curriculum, suitable for children from Year 3 to Year 11, immerses them in academic vocabulary via compelling fiction and non-fiction texts and gives them instant feedback on their progress. You, meanwhile, receive weekly emails that give information on your child’s learning. Find out more about why learners and their parents love Bedrock Vocabulary.

2 Our interactive GCSE English schemes, suitable for supporting the literary development of children in Years 9-11, also provide you with data to monitor and support your students’ learning:

GCSE English Terms & Analysis teaches learners the crucial Tier 3 vocabulary they need to successfully analyse in English, such as onomatopoeia, alliteration, juxtaposition and anthropomorphism. Find out more.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde equips learners with the ability to understand and respond to the text, build their analysis of language, form and structure and develop their understanding of context. Find out more.

Free trials are available for all our products – scroll down to find out more.

TutorsOur nine-block Bedrock Vocabulary curriculum ensures each tutee is learning from material perfectly matched to their ability, and learners in Year 9-11 can also study from our GCSE schemes. You can set Bedrock as homework for your tutees to complete independently, check their progress remotely via your tutor dashboard and then discuss and embed their learning with them in your next session. Our dashboard provides detailed information on the usage and progress of each individual tutee.

Home educatorsWhether you’re home-schooling just one child or multiple children, our wide Bedrock Vocabulary programme (which spans a period of nine years from start to finish) means you can ensure each child is learning at the level that’s right for them – not too easy, and not too hard – while our GCSE schemes provide specific support for older learners. Our products’ structure also includes regular assessment points which we know can be hard to work into home learning. Your child/children can study online independently of you, but you can review their learning and progress via your dashboard, ensuring you understand and can celebrate their progress, while offering extra support if it’s needed.

ParentsWhether you’re looking for a tool to stretch a really talented child, to support a child who’s struggling at school or to boost learning specifically for GCSE exams, our technology is ideal because your child studies separately from you, allowing you to do other tasks while encouraging their independence. Our parent dashboard enables you to understand their progress, making it easy for you as a family to support their learning. You can even see the words they are learning each week – why not weave them into family conversations to ensure even more language practise?

“Using Bedrock has made her written and spoken language much richer. I also notice that she is more confident tackling difficult texts and her comprehension has improved immensely.” – Bedrock tutor

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What can you expect?

Whether you’re a tutor, home educator or parent, Bedrock will:

Engage your child or tutee with a range of fictional and non-fictional topics ranging from hot air ballooning to the climate crisis (Bedrock Vocabulary) and specific vocabulary and understanding needed for exam success (our GCSE schemes)

Match (and keep adjusting) their learning to their ability level, to maximise their learning

Boost their confidence through independent study

Allow you to monitor which words they’re learning, and track their progress, via your parent dashboard and our weekly emails

Improve their vocabulary – a strong vocabulary is proven to boost academic potential across all subjects (not just English), increase social confidence and even improve life prospects beyond school.

“Bedrock works because it gives an immediate sense of progress to students” – Suzie Johnson, Director of English, Diss High School

Find out more about the benefits of Bedrock – and why teachers, parents and students love us, and learn more about using Bedrock and understanding progress.

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