Fiction for reading, writing and oracy

Whether it’s vocabulary, grammar or subject-specific language, fiction is a fantastic medium for improving literacy - however, relying on learners to motivate themselves to read doesn’t always work.

Bedrock Learning takes the extra step to motivate your learners. Through our original fiction texts, learners are immersed in explicit literacy instruction, all through culturally enriching human-narrated stories and adventures.


Original fiction content

Bedrock weaves new literacy skills through adventurous settings, exciting plots and loveable characters, embedding vocabulary and grammar in fun, enjoyable stories.

In Grammar, KS1-2 learners follow the tales of Grace and Otis, while KS3+ learners delve into the world of Adapa, the Impossible Key and more. It’s never been easier to engage your learners with reading.


Embed new literacy skills

Through fiction, new vocabulary and grammar techniques are embedded in exciting stories and activities, strengthening learners’ mastery of unfamiliar terms and skills.

Learners retain knowledge best when introduced to new literacy skills through a variety of authentic contexts, such as fiction texts, free-writing activities, images and more - so that’s how Bedrock embeds literacy knowledge into our original prose.


Accessible language

Reading is crucial for closing the language gap, but struggling readers need a strong foundation of literacy and cultural capital to understand ambitious texts.

That’s why Bedrock Learning’s original fiction texts are crafted using accessible Tier 1 language, unlocking new, ambitious language and literacy skills for all learners while reinforcing a love of reading.


Lifelong reading patterns

Every learner deserves the opportunity to love reading - but fostering that relationship with fiction takes consistency and dedication.

Bedrock Learning’s original fiction teaches Tier 2 vocabulary through structured lesson activities, optimised for long-term memory retention. Not only do learners increase their cultural capital, but they create reading routines that stick.


Age-appropriate topic scaling

Many print books written for struggling readers are aimed at younger children - with a third of GCSE-age students at a reading age of 12 or under, we know older struggling readers need more engaging content.

Our original fiction texts fill this gap, providing older readers with exciting stories without compromising the accessibility of the language and cultural capital, captivating even the most reluctant readers.


Crafted by experts

Bedrock Learning’s team is composed of a variety of outstanding qualified teachers, talented writers and activity designers, all of whom are passionate about improving literacy for learners.

Our original fiction is written, reviewed, edited and perfected tirelessly by our editorial team, so your learners improve their literacy through stories from writers who truly believe in learning through literacy.


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