Non-fiction texts are an insightful window into the world around us - however, without the adequate literacy skills to access these texts, learners are held back from the full potential of their curiosity.

Bedrock Learner uses rich, intriguing non-fiction texts to immerse learners in explicit literacy instruction, while exploring learners’ interests and improving their cultural capital.

Bespoke non-fiction texts on feeding the UK

Vocabulary and grammar knowledge unlocks so much more than the contents of the English classroom. Bedrock Learning immerses learners in non-fiction topics from every subject, all while strengthening those literacy skills essential for learners’ success.

Through topics such as Malala, Harlem Renaissance, Galileo and so many more, learners encounter new literacy skills through the non-fiction content that really matters in their lives, and prepares them for the world beyond education.

Non-fiction texts in Bedrock Vocabulary

Fiction texts give us the opportunity to travel to worlds beyond our own, so why should non-fiction be different?

Learners can venture into the past with The Harlem Renaissance, or have dinner anywhere on the globe with Foods From Around the World - our texts are research-driven, culturally-rich and accessible, so every learner can explore the world around them.

The description and context for the keyword "wilderness"

Motivating learners to read requires more than just interest - it also necessitates a strong foundation of literacy and cultural capital.

To break down this barrier, Bedrock Learning’s non-fiction texts are constructed using accessible Tier 1 language, unlocking new knowledge for readers of all abilities while broadening their literacy knowledge.

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At Bedrock, we aim to strike a balance between the content that matters and the age-appropriate way it is presented.

That is why, despite the baseline of Tier 1 vocabulary, our original non-fiction content is scaled for age, ensuring all learners engage with important social topics through historically accurate yet appropriate text.

Topic scaling in Bedrock's non-fiction texts

The editorial team at Bedrock Learning is made up of video editors, writers, reviewers and English teachers - together, we are passionate about writing text that improves literacy and cultural capital.

Our original non-fiction is carefully constructed, reviewed, edited and perfected - learners can develop their literacy skills through stimulating, research-driven texts.

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