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Release Notes: 6th May - Meet the new Classroom Hub

By Leigh Redman

06 May 2024


Bringing Bedrock into your classroom teaching

Teachers have been telling us that they want to bring Bedrock into the classroom to transform literacy. That's why we've created our brand new whiteboard-ready Classroom Hub, now available to all teachers via their Bedrock dashboard. With over 150 engaging grammar videos tailored to the national curriculum, and access to a bespoke subject-specific curriculum we’re confident it will be a hit with your whole school!

Transform explicit vocabulary teaching in every subject

With the Classroom Hub, all of our subject-specific vocabulary (Mapper) content is readily available, allowing teachers to effortlessly display and interact with activities. This tool supports active learning whether through planned or spontaneous teaching moments, promoting uniformity in vocabulary instruction across departments and the entire school.


A comprehensive library of on-demand grammar videos

Over 150 ready-made and on-demand grammar tutorial videos, all aligned to the National Curriculum, can enhance classroom instruction, intervention sessions, or even teacher professional development. This tool is designed to support the learning needs of students and complement curriculum objectives.


Use the Classroom Hub to...

  • Bridge literacy gaps - Enhance literacy lessons with targeted grammar videos that address knowledge gaps and provide vital supplementary material for intervention sessions.
  • Ensure consistent vocabulary instruction - Move beyond traditional worksheets and knowledge organisers by embedding interactive subject-specific content across multiple classrooms and departments.
  • Seamlessly integrate into the classroom - From Bedrock to board, the Grammar and subject-specific content at your fingertips supports you in delivering interactive, effective lessons without the constant need for new resources.
  • Feel empowered in the classroom – Give non-specialists the tools to teach confidently with consistent, curriculum-aligned resources that reduce preparation time and boost teaching effectiveness.
  • Dedicate more time to your learners instead of creating resources – Access high-quality Bedrock-created grammar videos, and your tailored subject-specific vocabulary curriculum without spending additional time creating your own.
  • Engage the whole class – Designed for classrooms with limited technology, the Classroom Hub ensures that every learner benefits from high-quality, interactive educational content without the need for 1:1 devices.

If you'd like to find out more about how to sign your school up to Bedrock to access the Classroom Hub and other valuable resources, just get in touch via this form and one of our team members will be in touch.

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