Bedrock’s core curriculum has grown

By Leigh Redman

28 Sept 2022


In a recent major survey conducted for Bedrock Learning, 96% of teachers stated that grammar was "vitally important" for improving literacy. We couldn't agree more, which is why we have released our newly expanded core curriculum, including advanced grammar content, solidifying our commitment to improving literacy outcomes through a focus on both Tier 2 vocabulary and grammar.

Bedrock’s core curriculum has been designed to help learners succeed in and out of the classroom and to become confident readers, writers and communicators.

Exploring our new advanced grammar content

Delivering personalised grammar teaching in an engaging way can be a challenge, and designing and resourcing a well-sequenced grammar curriculum takes time. Sitting alongside our Tier 2 vocabulary curriculum, Bedrock's interactive grammar activities immerse students in engaging learning experiences using stories, video and scaffolded writing opportunities. Everything is taught through original fiction and nonfiction - no decontextualised learning here.

Our grammar content is National Curriculum aligned. As learners proceed from the foundations of grammar to more advanced concepts, they cover all of the topics they need to master punctuation and grammar, including new lessons and activities covering Word Classes, Punctuation, Sentence Structure and Modifying Sentences.

From today, Bedrock’s core curriculum includes:

  • Concrete and abstract nouns
  • Semi-colons
  • Brackets and dashes
  • Dialogue
  • Conjunctions

…and so many more!

Teachers at Bedrock schools are now able to log in and explore the topics learners can encounter through their newly extended curriculum. Learners can begin to explore the new content and get to grips with more ambitious grammar skills.

Harness the potential of grammar at your school

If you’re ready to kickstart your Bedrock journey with access to our full core curriculum, encompassing nine blocks of vocabulary instruction and two full grammar curricula, differentiated for primary and secondary, then why not start today?

A complete literacy solution for your learners

Harness our full core curriculum to improve learners' literacy