In a class of 10, 20, 30+ students, it’s not possible for just one teacher to memorise the individual progress of every learner - but with Bedrock Learning, you don't have to.

With our knowledge organiser, teachers, parents and learners can view progress at the touch of a button, from an individual word to an entire cohort. Harness the power of educational technology to track each learner's literacy journey.

The full dashboard for the knowledge organiser

We know how essential it is that parents are involved in learners’ literacy journey. That’s why Bedrock’s knowledge organiser connects to parents’ linked accounts, removing potential barriers that prevent parents from getting involved.

Parents are able to watch learners gain confidence with new words and skills through our knowledge organiser’s confidence rating, reinforcing their learning in the home - this has a fantastic impact on learners’ literacy.

Report chart showing parent engagement

One of the drawbacks of conventional homework is that there is no way for learners to track the immediate impact of their work. With Bedrock’s knowledge organiser, this is no longer the case.

The knowledge organiser updates automatically whenever learners make progress. This highlights to learners the immediate benefit of their work every time they complete a task, encouraging self-regulation skills that have life-long benefits.

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Utilise the power of educational technology; watch learners’ deep comprehension of literacy evolve through our knowledge organiser.

The overview of reports teachers can see and request on Bedrock