After Bedrock has taken care of the marking, teachers are left with the aspects of explicit literacy teaching they love - the creativity of learners, showcased through our free-writing activities.

Perfect for the classroom and for homework, teachers and parents can watch learners embed more and more ambitious literary techniques into their writing with every activity.

A graphic showing modelled responses in GCSE English

Improving a learner’s literacy takes more than a definition - learners must be able to use literary skills correctly to demonstrate mastery.

For learners to understand a literary concept fully, they have to be able to use it. Bedrock Learning’s free-writing activities keep the intent of literacy tuition where it matters - using literacy to benefit a learner’s life.

A graphic showing Bedrock curricula such as Tier 2 vocabulary, Tier 3 vocabulary and Morphology

Free-writing goes beyond just using a skill; learners demonstrate in their own words why certain rules are in place. This is reinforced through our grammar curriculum.

When learners understand why they are being taught grammar, they are more motivated to use it - this means they demonstrate clearer, more effective communication and oracy in every subject.

A graphic of a grammar activity

Many of our free resources contain examples of free-writing activities, designed to get learners thinking creatively about new Tier 2 vocabulary.

A graphic showing how morphology is taught in Bedrock Vocabulary