Closing the word gap

Bedrock Learning has created a digital vocabulary curriculum to close the word gap between students. Our vocabulary curriculum has content from primary through to secondary, as well as GCSE terminology content.

“If we are serious about increasing standards and bringing a greater proportion of school children to high levels of academic accomplishments, we cannot leave vocabulary development to parents, chance and highly motivated reading.” (Biemiller, 2003)

Bedrock Learning helps schools and parents to transform language learning and pro-actively address vocabulary development.


How does Bedrock Learning narrow word gaps?

We cannot rely on incidental vocabulary acquisition to narrow word gaps between students, especially for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Further, closing language gaps isn’t a quick fix.

Bedrock Learning closes language gaps by explicitly teaching vocabulary in a long-term digital programme. By implementing explicit vocabulary teaching before students reach the end of primary, we help to close the 19.2 month gap between pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers. (Closing the gap? Education Policy Institute, 2017)

Boosting young children’s vocabulary has been highlighted as a major educational priority in recent years. Research suggests that by the age of 5, children from low income households are over a year behind in vocabulary compared to children from high income households. Unfortunately, this ‘word gap’ does not narrow with time; it only widens. As a result, eager to effect change and narrow the gap, schools around the UK and abroad are now rethinking the way they address vocabulary development and by using Bedrock Vocabulary, are no longer leaving language acquisition to chance.

If you want to learn more about how you can help close the word gap, speak with one of our curriculum consultants.

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