About Us

Bedrock Learning was founded by two English teachers in 2015. Aaron and Olivia were teaching in London and observed that there was a language gap between different cohorts of children. They knew that narrowing this gap was central to ensuring academic success for all of their students. Teaching vocabulary seemed an ideal place to start, but they were both shocked at the lack of resources available for busy English teachers and so decided to try to solve the problem themselves. After an extended period of research and development, the first version of Bedrock Learning was born: an online, interactive vocabulary curriculum that aims to help teach students the vocabulary they need to succeed, and a bank of resources that support colleagues in tackling the language gap in schools.

6 years on and we now teach 100,000 students in 11 different countries, with the majority learning with Bedrock right here in the U.K. The team has also grown and now includes many more English experts, from our team of teachers to our creative writers, who build our extensive vocabulary curriculum. We continue to innovate, grow and transform but our mission has never changed. Every day still has the same focus: to narrow the language gap and enable every student to meet the language demands of the curriculum so they can thrive in school and in the wider world.

How can Bedrock support your school?

Bedrock teaches students new vocabulary using research based strategies. We offer a multi-modal programme to frequently immerse your students in aspirational, academic vocabulary.

British Educational Suppliers Association - BESA
Educate - Education Research Edtech
EdWard for Bedrock Learning
Bett Awards 2019 - Finalist
ERA Awards 2021 - Finalist