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Bedrock Vocabulary is a digital vocabulary curriculum that teaches essential Tier 2 words, root words and academic verbs. All new language is embedded in original stories and non-fiction texts so your students are regularly reading high-quality texts as well.

Research suggests that as a student progresses through school, they need to be adding at least 3,000 words to their vocabulary per year (Beck, McKeown & Kucan, 2002; Nagy,1980 & 1986) if they are to keep up with increasingly challenging curriculum texts. Bedrock helps teachers make this happen for every student in their school.

Bedrock is a self-marking classroom and homework solution that delivers assessment data right into your inbox. We provide teachers with invaluable data to track the vocabulary learning of each student and also immediately identify trends within the whole school cohort.

With no additional input from teachers required, students access Bedrock independently; the language each student studies is appropriately challenging for the individual.

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Are you interested in Bedrock Learning and looking to try it before signing up? We offer free trials for 30 days so you can see if this is the right tool for your school. During your trial period, one class and two teachers will have unlimited access to our online vocabulary curriculum. Start your 30 day trial

School visits

Our team of curriculum consultants visit schools all over the UK talking to teachers about vocabulary. If you’d like to transform your school into a place where language really matters, book a school visit or a demo with one of our consultants.


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whilst immersing them in academic vocabulary.

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