Recommend us to a School

…..and receive £250 (they get 10% off too!)

“We’ve been delighted with Bedrock. It’s done exactly the things we needed it to do and can see a long future for it at the academy.  We’ve had some interest from colleagues at other schools who would like to know about our experience of it.”  Shane Richardson, Vice Principal, Co-operative Academy Stoke-on-Trent

No matter how often we receive feedback such as this, it’s always thrilling to know our efforts are really making a difference – and that teachers are keen to share their delight beyond their own school.

If you’re already a Bedrock member and have noticed improvements in your students’ written and spoken language skills since they started their journey with us, chances are that others in your professional network would find your endorsement more compelling than anything we can say ourselves.

So we’re encouraging our members to spread the word and enable more students to experience the Bedrock difference. We’re offering you  £250* to say thank you for referring us to other schools – and they will also receive 10% off their membership.

Here are some suggestions on what to do with the reward:

  • £250 off your next Bedrock renewal
  • £250 worth of vouchers to issue to students for Bedrock achievements
  • £250 of books for the school library
  • £250 donation to a charity of your school’s choice

There are just two simple steps:

  1. Referred school to mention your full name and school at the purchasing stage of their Bedrock journey.
  2. Bedrock curriculum consultant confirms via email with you (CC’ing referred school) – you give us the go ahead!


*Terms and conditions

  1. New school to give Bedrock curriculum consultant full name of individual Bedrock teacher and Bedrock school that recommended us.
  2. Bedrock curriculum consultant sends referenced Bedrock teacher and school an email to confirm with new school CC’d into email.
  3. Once invoice for the new school is raised and paid – £250 credit added to your Bedrock account to be used as discussed.
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