Parents of Bedrock school users

Our research shows that schoolchildren make the most progress when their families are involved in their learning. Even dropping newly-learned words into everyday family conversations can make a huge difference!

That’s why we encourage parents whose children use Bedrock at school to set up a free account with us so they can see their child’s Bedrock usage, as well as the words they are learning (and have already learned) with us – just like their teacher can also see.

With your own account, you’ll receive weekly emails updating you on what your child has learned with us that week (and an indication of whether they’re on track or not). You will also have access to your own dashboard which you can log into at any time to view your child’s progress in more detail. The image on the left is just one example of the information that’s available.,

If your child uses Bedrock at school, here’s how to create your free parent account so you can view their learning:

  1. Contact your child’s teacher and request your unique parent access code
  2. Go to the Bedrock app
  3. Select Parent/Teacher tab at the top
  4. Click ‘parent sign-up’
  5. Complete the Parent sign-up form (including the access code provided by the school) and click ‘Register’
  6. You will then be sent an automated email with your username and password – please check your spam folder if it doesn’t appear in your inbox
  7. Go back to the Bedrock app, select the Parent/Teacher tab and enter your username and password (keep these details in a safe place – you’ll need them each time you log in)
  8. Click ‘Login’
  9. You’re in your dashboard! Our Parents’ guide to using Bedrock at home talks you through what it can show you (as well as how to understand how your child learns with us)
  10. You’ll now receive weekly emails from us telling you about your child’s progress!

There are a few more things you may find useful to know:

If your child ever forgets their username and password, their teacher can provide them. Your child logs into their account on the Bedrock app too, selecting the ‘Student’ tab at the top.

There are a couple of articles in particular on our blog that parents are finding particularly useful and which you may find help support your child’s learning at home: 21 fun ways to improve your child’s vocabulary and our parents’ school closure survival guide. Do share them with other parents who may find them beneficial.

If you have a child who doesn’t use Bedrock at school, why not find out more about how they could benefit from learning with us, and set them up with a free trial?


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