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Release notes: 11 May

By Ellie Ashton


What's new in this release?

As part of our ongoing commitment to making teachers’ lives easier, we regularly review the feedback we receive from our partner schools to see how we can improve the way Bedrock is used - and make tweaks and updates wherever we can.

Today we’ve released a round of small updates to the subject-specific Tier 3 vocabulary content within Bedrock, all of which will be available when you next log in. Thank you to everyone for your continued feedback; you asked and we listened!

Get straight to business

The teacher dashboard has been updated to remove the opening screen, jumping you straight into your Curriculum Map and giving you more direct access to your subject-specific content.


Make the most of your impact reports & data

  • Each of the tiles on your Data & Reporting dashboard now displays a helpful overview of what each report contains and how best it can be used.
  • Increased visibility with Inactive Learners now included in reporting.

Easier and faster deletion of words

It is now possible to select multiple words for bulk deletion within your Classes & Sequences. Simply select all the words you want to delete (either by ticking them individually or by selecting all at the top of the column) and select "Delete" from the menu.


Keep better track of your sequenced words

Key to the success of Bedrock's subject-specific vocabulary in your setting is the consistent sequencing of content to your learners, so we're continually working to make this as easy as possible. The “Active Words” column of your Classes & Sequences table now displays the number of words that are both active and have a scheduled date, allowing you to more easily track how many words are available to your learners across each subject.


There's more...

Other minor tweaks and improvements included in this release include…

  • Easier navigation via a new “Back to Curriculum Map” button to save you time when creating your own bespoke content
  • Easier sequencing via new Tags added to Bedrock-created content. Filter easily and view the content that aligns with your curriculum. Sequencing just got much easier to organise!
  • Swatting bugs with a number of other minor bug fixes

Release now live!

This latest release is now live for all partner schools and will be available the next time you log in to Bedrock Learning.

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