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Developing assessment and learning at Bedrock

By Olivia Sumpter and Martine Holland

06 Dec 2022

Developing assessment and learning at Bedrock

Reading is one of the most complex things that we as humans are able to do, says Bedrock’s Director of Education Olivia Sumpter. An assessment to evaluate a learner’s ability to read must go through rigorous testing and validation to ensure results are valid, reliable and impactful.

That’s exactly what Bedrock is doing with the development of our upcoming reading test. Ahead of the next stage of its development and launch, Olivia sat down with our Head of Assessment, Martine Holland, to discuss Bedrock's approach to assessment and learning, such as:

  • Why finding a universal solution for evaluating reading is so challenging - and so necessary
  • Working alongside Cambridge University and leading professors in reading to create an effective assessment framework
  • Exciting developments in Bedrock’s reading test, and how schools can help

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