Bedrock GCSE English 

Bedrock GCSE English schemes are specially designed to support English literature and language study at GCSE level, from Years 9-11. 

These schemes of learning follow the multimodal, rich and contextual Bedrock approach also used in Bedrock Vocabulary. They are specifically designed to equip your students with the ability to understand and respond to English GCSE texts.

In each scheme all taught vocabulary appears in an online knowledge organiser, enabling you, your students and their parents to track individual student progress committing knowledge to their long-term memory.

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Bedrock GCSE English Terms & Analysis  – teaches the crucial Tier 3 vocabulary students need to analyse English fiction, non fiction, poetry and drama. From common nouns and onomatopoeia to iambic pentameter and dramatic irony, GCSE English Terms & Analysis uses interactive activities, literary examples, and modelled analysis to help learners identify and evaluate writing techniques.

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 Bedrock Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde English Literature GCSE – a comprehensive, multimodal scheme of learning covering all assessment objectives for English Literature GCSE exam responses on Jekyll and Hyde. Its 11 units each include five multimodal, human-narrated key excerpts– plus modelled analysis of language and structure, scaffolded analysis activities and reading comprehension questions. Knowledge lessons for each chapter include deep dives into character, setting, themes and context.

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