A laptop showing Bedrock Grammar's primary curriculum, featuring Grace Grammar reading materials.

Introducing Bedrock Grammar

Bedrock Grammar immerses students in engaging learning experiences, using stories, video, interactive activities and scaffolded writing opportunities.

Primary learners meet new knowledge in stories all about Grace Grammar, whereas secondary learners explore myths and stories from different cultures. No decontextualised grammar learning here!


With Bedrock Grammar, you’ll be able to track progress through your teacher dashboard, giving you the insight you need into this crucial area of learning.

Through a wide range of learning activities, students practise identifying, categorising, fixing, analysing and producing language.

Let’s face it, teaching grammar is really tricky! Despite this, we know students must master grammar to ensure success at all stages of their school journey and beyond. Bedrock Grammar is here to make a difference.

This exciting new addition to Bedrock Learning is going live early next year!

Pre-register your interest now and find out more:

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