What is Bedrock Learning?

As internationally renowned vocabulary expert Andrew Biemiller puts it: “If we are serious about increasing standards and bringing a greater proportion of school children to high levels of academic accomplishments, we cannot leave vocabulary development to parents, chance and highly motivated reading.”

This sentiment helped inspire our founders – former English teachers – to launch Bedrock Learning in 2015. We created Bedrock Vocabulary, our online curriculum, to teach students the academic words they need to succeed in school and beyond. Students from 6 to 18 years old can use Bedrock as part of their learning in school, independently at home or as part of your remote or blended learning strategy.

A wide vocabulary is essential to both strong academic performance across the curriculum and success beyond formal education. We immerse students in aspirational, academic ‘Tier 2’ vocabulary – which includes words like ‘analyse’, ‘emulate’, ‘integral’ and ‘verify’ – in a way that’s accessible, student friendly, and ensures reliable, statistically significant progress.

Bedrock Vocabulary is a ten-year programme split into one-year blocks. Our broad and rich curriculum immerses students in academic vocabulary, whilst ensuring learners read interesting fiction and non-fiction texts.

A short test at the start of each learner’s journey with us ensures their learning is tailored to their needs. All members can have access to our 37 Common Roots unit, designed to improve students’ understanding of unfamiliar words by teaching common Greek and Latin roots such as cycl-, spec- and chron-.

In addition to our core Bedrock Vocabulary curriculum, we also offer Bedrock GCSE – interactive schemes specially designed to support study at GCSE level, from Years 9-11. Find out more about GCSE English Terms & Analysis and  Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.


Why teachers, students and parents love Bedrock

Bedrock benefits for teachers

Offers a time-saving, self-marking, ready-made curriculum

Can be set as homework – freeing up valuable class time – and form part of your blended learning strategy

Statistically proven to improve students’ vocabulary – a critical factor in academic success across the curriculum

Includes cross-curricular topics to support learning across the National Curriculum

Suitable for students of all abilities and backgrounds

Uses human narration in multiple contexts

Uses spaced learning to ensure long-term memory retention

Can support questions Ofsted may ask about your school’s literacy teaching as part of their new inspection framework

Unlimited free support via phone, email and live chat


Bedrock benefits for students

Tailored to individual learning level, right from the beginning

Learning adapts to each student’s unique pace

Accessible from home

Wide range of engaging texts expand world knowledge as well as vocabulary

Gives instant feedback on learning progress

Certificates celebrate students’ success!


Bedrock benefits for parents

Access to your child’s unique dashboard shows individual words your child has learned and is still learning, as well as overall progress

Provides an understanding of child’s learning, making it easy to support as a family

Our research shows parents believe using Bedrock improves their child’s written vocabulary and reading skills, and makes children more engaged across the school curriculum

See How does Bedrock work? for more information about getting set up, using Bedrock, and understanding progress.

If you’d like to transform your school into a place where language really matters, contact us.

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