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How can Bedrock help my primary school?

Our comprehensive Bedrock Vocabulary learning scheme – linked to the National Curriculum – supports the early development of strong reading skills and a broad vocabulary. Optimum progress is achieved with just two 20-minute lessons a week.

As they progress through it, your KS2 students explore a wide range of engaging cross-curricular fiction and non-fiction topics including the solar system, Galileo, the hot air balloon and the story of King Arthur.

They are exposed to progressively more challenging vocabulary, in line with the pace of their individual progress. The ambitious words we teach include ‘gradually’, ‘apparent’ and ‘comply’ (see more detail on How does Bedrock work?). This word-rich environment sows the seeds for success in secondary school and beyond – helping to build confident voices and cultural awareness that equips students well for life after formal education.

In Year 6 SATs around 20% of questions in reading papers focus on vocabulary, specifically Tier 2 words. In previous KS2 SATs reading papers, we see these examples (in bold) of Tier 2 vocabulary:

The cat broke the universal rule of tree climbing. She resettled on the branch, considering her options.

Nearly twenty-two hours later, the exhausted man staggered onto French soil at Calais and became an instant hero.

Students of all abilities make strong progress with Bedrock Vocabulary, with SEN, PP and EAL learners typically learning the most new words.

Why teachers, students and parents rate Bedrock

Teachers find the assessment data we deliver right into your inbox invaluable. It enables you to track the usage and progress of each student and immediately identify trends within the whole-school cohort. The data can also support questions around literacy teaching that may arise as part of Ofsted’s new inspection framework.

Students benefit from encountering new vocabulary in aspirational, interactive fiction and non-fiction texts. They can view their progress themselves in their account. This shows their scores for each topic – as well as a knowledge organiser that shows words they have learned and are still learning, together with a record of certificates they have earned.

Parents find it easy to keep informed about their child’s progress at word-level detail via weekly emails that can be set up for free as part of each student account. This information makes it easy to support their child’s learning by embedding their new knowledge during family conversations!

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