Black History Month resource: The Harlem Renaissance

Learn about the Harlem Renaissance

Part of our series of Black History Month resources to educate and engage your class

During Black History Month, we think about the racism Black people experience in the past and the present day, and celebrate Black achievements.

In this resource, suitable for reading ages of 14+, students learn about the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s, when Black culture flourished in New York City. The resource includes:

  • A rich, descriptive text.  Students read a summary of the topic, rich in challenging Tier 2 vocabulary.
  • Wordsearch.  They then search for the vocabulary (which is provided alongside definitions and in-context examples) in a wordsearch.
  • Questions and points of discussion.  These can be used as a writing exercise or as prompts for class discussions.

You may also be interested in sharing our other Black History Month resources with your classes:

  • Muhammad Ali  – learn about the Black American’s achievements in the boxing ring and as an activist for Black rights.
  • Apartheid  – learn about the discrimination faced by Black people in South Africa and the long struggle for equal rights.

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