How teachers can set up linked Bedrock accounts for parents

Every one of your school’s Bedrock student accounts can have a parent account linked to it free of charge.

When it’s set up, parents receive weekly updates with information about their child’s progress and specific words they’re learning – as well our latest blog content covering helpful suggestions from getting into good homework habits to staying safe online.

Parents’ feedback tells us they relish having this opportunity to get closer to their child’s learning. They can offer praise and rewards for great progress and help to embed learning by dropping new words into family conversations.

Setting up linked parent accounts is an easy way to boost students’ usage and progress. You simply need to give each parent:

1. Their unique access code

In your dashboard, select the relevant class (in the left hand column), and click ‘Class reports’ on the top navigation bar.

On the next screen, scroll down the tiles and click the ‘Parent engagement’ tile (bottom right of the screen).

You will then see a pie chart – like the one above – showing the access codes for each learner, to pass to their parents. You can also see the proportion of students whose parents are already accessing their accounts.

2. Instructions on what they need to do with the code

Send them a link to our Parents of Bedrock school users page, which tells them the benefits of setting up their free linked account and how to do it.

3. A link to our parents’ guide

Our Parents’ guide to using Bedrock at home thoroughly explains every element of their child’s Bedrock learning and the information they can access as a parent.

See if you can get the pie chart on your parent engagement dashboard completely orange, with 100% of students having parent accounts. We’d love to hear from you if you achieve this – share your success with your Account Manager or inspire the whole Bedrock community on Twitter!

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