Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde: English Literature GCSE

Bedrock’s Jekyll & Hyde is a comprehensive, multimodal scheme of learning that guides students through a detailed study of Robert Louis Stevenson’s renowned 1886 novella.

This online learning solution is based on the assessment objectives for GCSE English Literature and is designed to complement classroom studies. As well as directly teaching potentially difficult  academic vocabulary in the novella, it equips students with the ability to respond to the text. Self-marking activities scaffold students’ analysis of language, form, and structure, and develop their understanding of context, characters, and themes.

As with all Bedrock tools, Jekyll & Hyde gives learners instant feedback, and provides teachers with the data they need to track students’ progress.

Find out more about how Bedrock’s Jekyll & Hyde is structured and download our free Jekyll and Hyde character poster and knowledge poster now.



Bedrock’s Jekyll & Hyde GCSE key features

The scheme of learning goes through each of the novella’s ten chapters in turn.

Each chapter includes an accessible, human-narrated summary and a chapter analysis that introduces character, setting, plot, context and themes.

Each chapter is broken down into human-narrated key excerpts, allowing students to read and listen to the original text.

Techniques, themes, characters and context are introduced and explored through scaffolded activities and modelled analysis.

Students are explicitly taught 175 of the trickiest, most thematic words from the book as they work through Bedrock’s research-based sequence of language activities.

Key excerpts, vocabulary, themes, characters, settings, historical context, writer’s techniques and students’ own written analysis and excerpts are presented in a digital knowledge organiser – perfect for revision!

In addition, students have the opportunity to produce written analysis of the text and complete a range of activities designed to consolidate knowledge and understanding of key themes, characters, settings, context and quotations. Our powerful recapping algorithm ensures students regularly revise key quotations and knowledge.

The scheme is suitable for KS4 students. We recommend they complete two lessons a week. There are 55 lessons in total, packed full of engaging and challenging content.

Bedrock’s Jekyll & Hyde benefits in summary
Benefits for teachers
Offers a time-saving, self-marking, ready-made curriculum
Can be set as homework, freeing up valuable class time
Supports students of all abilities and backgrounds
Human-narrated teaching makes learning accessible, while spaced learning and recapping ensure long-term memory retention
Unlimited free support via phone, email, or live chat

Benefits for students
Designed to address the assessment objectives of all major GCSE exam boards
Learning is tailored to their unique pace
Accessible from home
Gives instant feedback on learning progress
Certificates celebrate their progress!

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Terms and Conditions – Bedrock Jekyll & Hyde free access for schools until 31 May 2021 offer

1. This offer is available to schools only – Bedrock’s Jekyll & Hyde is available free to tutors and parents via our standard 14-day free trial.

2. Each school can register an unlimited number of students for free.

3. Free access lasts from setup until 31 May 2021.

4. The free access is available to all schools who don’t already use Bedrock’s Jekyll & Hyde, whether or not they are already a Bedrock customer of other units.

Can’t wait for your free access to start?

You can download our popular Jekyll & Hyde vocabulary flash cards for free right now.

These are proven to help students understand the sometimes tricky language in the novella. Our flash card pack includes:

140+ flash cards
36 challenging words taken directly from the text
Synonym & antonym flash cards for every word
Each word embedded within its context

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