Why use Bedrock Mapper to teach Tier 3 vocabulary?

6 ways Bedrock Mapper helps you teach Tier 3 terminology

Tier 3 vocabulary is the subject-specific vocabulary that teachers and students use in every subject. Unlike Tier 2 vocabulary, which are high-level literary words, Tier 3 vocabulary contains keywords that aren’t found in any other context but the subject to which they relate. For example, in Biology, the word ‘nucleus’ is a Tier 3 term. For Geography, the term ‘tectonic plate’ is Tier 3. These words must be taught in a different way from Tier 2 vocabulary, as they relate directly to the subject in which they are being taught. It can be hard to convince your whole faculty to prioritise teaching vocabulary, but the results are worth it. In this blog, we will explain:

How Bedrock Mapper helps teachers formulate their Tier 3 vocabulary
The ways Mapper makes teaching Tier 3 vocabulary easier
The support available to help you get started

How do teachers use Mapper?

Improving literacy is at the core of learning. Literacy is the words students read, the language they use to communicate, and forms the base of their understanding. However, improving literacy goes beyond just English lessons – teachers of every subject have a responsibility to improve students’ vocabulary in their subject. The Education Endowment Foundation’s report, Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools, highlights that a good way of focusing on literacy across the school curriculum is through disciplinary literacy.

Disciplinary literacy is an approach to improving literacy, encouraging teachers to support students to read, write and speak in a subject-specific way, such as using keywords specialised to each subject. While improving overall vocabulary benefits students, encouraging progress in subject-specific vocabulary helps students progress further in every subject. Katherine Mortimore states in Disciplinary Literacy and Explicit Vocabulary Teaching, “In order to be literate within a particular subject discipline, students need to be able to express their knowledge of that subject in a manner appropriate to the discipline.” Disciplinary literacy is a great way to boost students’ literacy across the curriculum, and it relies heavily on teaching Tier 3 vocabulary, equipping students with the tools and the understanding to communicate about a subject using its specific terminology. However, teachers in subjects other than English, such as Maths, Science or Art, may struggle to see the need or find the time to implement strategies to improve Tier 3 vocabulary into their already busy curriculum.

So how can Bedrock help? Bedrock has released a new EdTech solution, Bedrock Mapper, designed for the sole purpose of helping teachers implement a Tier 3 vocabulary curriculum, providing pre-made resources and structures that save teachers time while improving students’ vocabulary. In this article, we’ll demonstrate the 6 key ways Mapper can help you promote disciplinary literacy in your school using Mapper’s Tier 3 vocabulary curriculum.


6 key ways Bedrock Mapper helps teachers formulate their Tier 3 vocabulary curriculum

✓ Deep-learning algorithm – Our algorithm tracks how well your students have mastered certain words, retesting them monthly to check knowledge has been retained. This means that every student learns the vocabulary they need to know and not the terms they are already confident with, providing a customised learning experience for each pupil.

✓ Dual-coding – Bedrock’s algorithm provides a dual-coded approach to learning, using images, context clues, synonyms and antonyms to ensure students comprehend the words they are learning, not just memorise. As well as this, the dual-coding and contextual knowledge of these subject-specific keywords moves terminology from the short-term memory to the long-term, allowing it to be used, repeated, comprehended and, eventually, mastered. Understanding Tier 3 terminology in one subject increases understanding of Tier 3 words in every subject, benefiting your students across the curriculum.

✓ Fit-for-purpose resources –  For busy teachers looking for a time-saving solution for creating a Tier 3 vocabulary curriculum, Bedrock Mapper provides pre-made images, definitions, antonyms and synonyms for your key terminology, allowing you to quickly construct a consistent curriculum that is aligned with the intent of your school or department curriculum. This helps you to match your Tier 3 vocabulary improvement efforts to the work you are already doing. However, if you already have ready-made definitions, tools and images to hand, such as in a PowerPoint or a textbook, then there is no need to abandon these resources – Bedrock Mapper is flexible, allowing you to use your own tools to customise a bespoke curriculum on the platform. In addition to this, Mapper functions as a singular interface shared by every teacher in your faculty, allowing you to share resources and learn from one another. These time-saving, flexible elements will help encourage staff buy-in, making it easier and less time-consuming to prioritise subject-specific vocabulary.

✓ Optimised learning processes – Bedrock Mapper is optimised to maximise the progress students make when mastering and improving their subject-specific vocabulary. For example, Mapper will advise you on the size of your curriculum, letting you know if you have the optimal number of words for best comprehension. As well as this, Mapper lets you sequence your lessons in a learning queue, while also adding terminology ad-hoc as it appears in your lessons, allowing you to combine structure with flexibility in a way that fits in with your active learning environment.

✓ Weekly and monthly updates – Much like Bedrock Vocabulary, you will be sent weekly and monthly updates on your students’ progress. These updates use a traffic light system to easily highlight to you which students are in need of praise and which need additional support – so not only does Mapper save you time personalising each student’s vocabulary curriculum, but it also delivers the same standard of analysis and personalisation to every teacher via a weekly email. Results can be tracked across groups and across schools/trusts, allowing every teacher to view the progress their school is making with their Tier 3 vocabulary.

✓ Constant support – Bedrock Mapper’s pre-made resources are founded on connections within the teacher community. Teachers can share their resources across the platform, saving you time when building your own curriculum. This allows teachers to discuss tools and structures that work well, and those which were less effective. Behind the scenes, the Bedrock customer success team is available with ongoing support, guidance, advice and instructions if you are ever unsure using any of our Bedrock Learning technology. Simply email your account manager or give us a call on 0044 (0) 203 325 9345 for one-to-one support, or access the Bedrock blog and YouTube account for instructions on how to get the most out of Bedrock Mapper.

Bedrock Mapper is ready for you to begin your Tier 3 vocabulary curriculum journey! For the best results, try integrating both Tier 2 vocabulary and Tier 3 tuition into every subject, with the help of Bedrock Vocabulary and Bedrock Mapper. Find out why both Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary is crucial to development in every subject, not just English and Literacy – as M Bromley states, “Literacy is the language of learning in every curriculum subject … Every teacher is a teacher of literacy.”

Teach Tier 3 vocabulary with Bedrock Mapper

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