Motivating and engaging students: tips from Bedrock schools

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Bedrock schools often tell us their successful strategies for motivating and engaging students and celebrating their achievements. Here, we share ten of our favourites to inspire you!

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1. St Richard’s Catholic College

(Bedrock High Usage award, May 2021)

We reward students each term based on most lessons completed (by individual and class) and most progress made, with awards for each year group. Students get a book and a certificate for their first prize, and for subsequent prizes get a £5 voucher.

The class who has completed the most lessons over a term wins a ‘fun English lesson’, which includes watching a film and eating doughnuts, popcorn and sweets. This has really boosted engagement and competition between the year groups.

Winners are mentioned in our termly newsletters and our school Twitter account too.

2. Highworth Grammar School

(Bedrock High Usage award, May 2021)

We share the performance graphs from the Bedrock app with students to instil competition between classes. We have termly competitions between each class, with the top groups in each year getting chocolates. Each teacher also gives rewards such as merits and house points for students who do more than two lessons every week.

3. Rastrick High School

(Bedrock High Usage award, May 2021)

Students complete two Bedrock lessons per week in dedicated literacy lessons. Some students enjoy the programme so much that they choose to complete more lessons at home, but there is no expectation to do this.

Students receive a golden ticket for each lesson in which they achieve 75% or more. The tickets are then entered into a raffle to win a £10 voucher. Each half term, the top five Bedrock students – based on leaderboard reports and class point analysis reports – are showcased in a reward presentation.

4. Harris Academy Orpington

Our students have Bedrock time daily at 2pm. We announce each week how many lessons our students completed the previous week academy-wide and how many they need to complete this week.

5. Harris Academy Peckham

We hold a ‘Bedrockathon’ – an inter-form challenge to see which classes can complete two lessons in the space of one hour. Alongside this, we have a series of inter-form games, such as a story game using screenshots from Bedrock and a challenge to turn local Peckham slang into Bedrock words.

6. Harris Boys’ East Dulwich

We have a designated Bedrock page on our school website where we promote Bedrock competitions to students and parents, and announce winners of past competitions. This motivates students and ensures they know their hard work is recognised among our whole community!

7. John Smeaton Academy

Each week and every half term, we post our top ‘Bedrockers’ and ‘Smeaton Superstars’ – students who have completed enough lessons to be awarded a £10 voucher – on Twitter. We have also posted a dedicated YouTube video on Twitter to announce the winners in each year group. This makes the students feel very special.

8. Harris Academy Falconwood

We tweet who our top five Bedrock students are each week (see right)! Students love being featured on our Twitter.

9. Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School

We shout about our top students on our school Twitter account, posting photos of each student holding certificates or letters they’ve been awarded for their dedication to Bedrock.

10. Oasis Academy Oldham

We organise a fun school trip for the form group that’s been most consistent with their Bedrock lessons.

Get more inspiration from other Bedrock schools’ implementation strategies in our case studies.

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