How Bedrock can help you make the most of the new school year

Actions you can take to improve literacy across the board

There’s support available to help you get the most out of Bedrock in the new academic year. Here, we look at:

What you can do right now with Bedrock to start improving your students’ literacy in the new academic year
How your school can benefit from Mapper, our new Tier 3 vocabulary tool for use across the curriculum.

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Why Bedrock?

The gap in vocabulary between advantaged and disadvantaged students has been closing at a very slow rate for the past decade, shrinking by only three months of learning between 2007 and 2016. The impact of lockdown and the unexpected transition into online learning may have widened it further – and this has consequences across a student’s whole life! While the impacts of the language gap have an effect on Literacy and English, they also increase a disadvantaged student’s likelihood of experiencing mental health issues and problems in the job market; ensuring that closing the language gap is a priority in every subject within your school is crucial to the quality of life for disadvantaged students.

Not only does a lack of Tier 2 vocabulary have these negative effects on disadvantaged students, but a lack of subject-specific Tier 3 language has direct, short-term consequences for every subject in your school, especially subjects with high-level terminology such as Science and Mathematics. Luckily, as well as having the educational technology of Bedrock Vocabulary, a tool designed to help close the language gap in Tier 2 vocabulary, our Bedrock Mapper tool provides an easy, time-saving method for teachers to ensure deep, cross-discipline comprehension of subject-specific Tier 3 vocabulary.

The Educational Endowment Foundation suggests that schools prioritise disciplinary literacy, as well as targeted vocabulary instruction in every subject. However, these changes need to have an impact and they need to be sustainable – that’s why it’s so important that the tools we use to make change are intuitive and save teachers time across the whole faculty. Bedrock Mapper’s systematic vocabulary teaching and deep-learning algorithm is easy to implement and has proven effects on students’ vocabulary, helping teachers close the language gap with impact and consistency.

What you can do now

Training is available right now to help you and your team get the most out of the new school year – to find out more, contact your account manager or email
Set up your new students into their Bedrock classes, allowing your new cohort to begin improving their vocabulary. Contact your account manager or email if you need help with this.
Parent access codes are available to link parents with their children’s learning; if you have an upcoming open or induction day, inform parents about Bedrock. Parent involvement has direct links to improvement on Bedrock.
Refer another school to Bedrock and you could get £250 off your renewal – this could go towards books, classroom resources, or even chocolate bars to incentivise your Bedrock learners.

Bedrock Mapper

Not only that, but Bedrock is introducing a brand-new tool, designed to implement direct vocabulary tuition within every subject, while saving teachers valuable time planning a consistent and impactful vocabulary curriculum. Bedrock Mapper is a platform dedicated to teaching Tier 3 vocabulary, assisting teachers in creating their own vocabulary lessons in every subject. Mapper enables teachers to create a bespoke, subject-specific curriculum, utilising resources created by the Bedrock teaching community. At the start of a new school year, now would be a perfect time to prepare Mapper, ready to utilise the Bedrock resources available and promote disciplinary literacy across your whole-school curriculum.

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